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Tribute show

- mid seas.

Cruise passengers having
a fantastic time enjoying
the show.

abbamax concert audience
Cruise Reactions:

"You're all about the music.
I'll bring my feathers."
- Ricky Matthews.
Cruise Director.
Royal Caribbean.

"Abbamax are excellent.
Very high standard."
"Abbamax fantastic."
 - Cruise Reviews.

"As always -
Abbamax brought
their  A-game".
A very happy

Cruise Director.

Cruise ships 

ABBAMAX and Royal Caribbean

ABBAMAX are now working with the distinguished Blackburn International.The result being countless theater shows aboard magnificent vessels like the Royal Caribbean Splendour - Brilliance - Navigator - Liberty - and Independence Of The Seas to name a few.Fantastic audience reactions plus working together with really professional people make these shows an unforgettable experience every time.

Royal Caribbean cruise ship


abbamax live on stageabbamax live on stage

ABBAMAX,having played played for NCL and Silverseas are now into their 3rd season as guest entertainers with Royal Caribbean.

abba tribute girls on stage
abba tribute abbamax on stage